What’s the Bag Deal, Anyway?

What’s the big deal about handbags, and why are they so popular? Handbags were originally designed for men and women to carry personal items before the invention of pockets and have been around for centuries. Grace Kelly once used a Hermes handbag to hide her pregnancy from the public. The bag, subsequently known as “The Kelly Bag”, became a sensation among the world’s elite. Jackie Kennedy was often photographed carrying her favorite Gucci handbags. Gucci eventually named one of its handbags after her. Expensive handbags have become status symbols of success and achievement and are at the top of the list for requested gift items.

Handbags are so much more than decorative eye candy for the arms. Handbags are our helpers. Those of us who are moms and dads need more than the two hands we were given, as we are not just carrying items for ourselves but also for our children. In our growing world of technology, many of us carry our office with us every day. We need to transport our files and equipment, and we rely on bags to help us do these things.

Belle Marisse celebrates the glamorous world of handbags and their functionality in our daily lives. Whether it’s a beautiful bag under a hundred dollars or a high end designer piece, glam it up! Handbags are here to stay, and they will continue to help us carry more than our normal load of daily tasks. We want to hear from you! What bag do you carry, and what’s inside?